Engaged: Ashley & Jason

Meet Ashley & Jason!

How They Met: It was the 1st day of summer and the hottest day of the year, reaching 120°F. The local news warned people to stay indoors. Instead, Jason and Ashley both decided to take the risk outdoors and ventured to Maya Day Club for a pool party in Old Town Scottsdale. After hours of music and fun in the sun, the crowd started to die down. Jason was floating in the middle of pool by himself when he spotted Ashley walking down the pool stairs and he made his move. He played it cool and they engaged in small talk; both found things interesting about the other. They then convinced their friends to grab some food to extend their time together that day; eventually, Ashley made Jason promise to take her on a proper date later that week. Several dates later and much more time together, the relationship evolved into a forever love. Now, more than 3 years later, Ashley and Jason are ready to tie the knot!

How He Proposed:Jason had the ring and Duke’s (Ashley’s dad) permission, but no plan. A detail oriented guy, Jason was falling into analysis paralysis. He knew he couldn’t get anything by Ashley without her knowing. When Duke and Roxanne (Ashley’s parents) were in town for the Bob Seger farewell tour concert, Jason decided to seize the opportunity. After consulting with Duke the morning prior to a planned hike, Jason made up his mind. Jason hid the ring under his compression shorts and acted like it was a typical day. Roughly half way through the hike at Pinnacle Peak, Jason saw the perfect spot with a giant Saguaro cactus and asked Duke if he could take a photo. However, Jason gave Duke his phone in video mode and gave ‘the nod’. While Ashley was posing for what she thought was a picture, Jason whispered into Ashley’s ear and then got down on one knee. She said yes and everyone cried in joy. A passerby happened to capture pictures and was excited to share. It was a beautiful moment truly a surprise for Ashley!


We can’t wait for their big day in March at Chateau Nightclub here in Las Vegas!