Engaged: Kristen & Zach

If I’ve ever met a couple that couldn’t be more perfect for each other, it would be Kristen & Zach! They compliment each other in such a cute, fun & loving way!

Kristen & Zach met in Boston and one of the sweetest stories they told me was about their first date. They currently live in NYC where rooftop views are among the best! They were jealous of the huge roofotop patio that their neighbor had so one night, Zach surprised Kristen with a dinner on the patio where he made chicken enchiladas and decorated the patio with lights. (Side note: he bribed the neighbor with a few six packs!)


Kristen & Zach are also big time runners, so while Zach’s family were in town, they wanted to meet them for a run around NYC. Zach & Kristen started their run but halfway through, Zach faked a calf injury. Kristen was tending to his “injury” until Zach got one on knee to propose!

His sister and two of Kristen’s best friends from college were waiting in the bushes to take photos. They popped out and surprised her with a big celebratory hug!

Zach had also organized for Kristen’s parents to fly in from Vegas to surprise her. He gathered family & some of their closest friends on a boat on the Hudson River to celebrate the big engagement!

The Ashley Creative team can’t wait for their October wedding at Reflection Bay Las Vegas.

Engagement Photos: Gaby J Photography | Hair & Makeup: Amelia C & Co