Engaged: Michelle + Sam

Today, I am meeting with my bride, Michelle, to finalize the special details of her May 6th wedding day…but first, I have to stop and share their epic love story because it gave me allll the feels!

Michelle’s father actually knew her future fiance, Sam, for many years. In fact, some of Michelle’s friends were already great friends with Sam too, so the fact that they had never met before was beyond crazy! Michelle’s father invited Sam to a foundation gala for Touro University and, by chance, Michelle sat next to him. Sam had her laughing the whole event, so she decided to take a chance and text him the next day to invite him to a concert. He declined… but only because he wanted to go on a hike with her instead (at 6:45AM the next morning). They haven’t spent a day apart ever since.

Now let’s get to this EPIC proposal…

Sam is an amazing developer & has actually worked on some of the biggest projects across town. So naturally, how does he show his love to Michelle? He builds her a surprise ranch-style home…. yes, a freakin’ house!

Rewind a bit & realize that all the while Michelle is thinking he is staying at work late working on all of other major projects he has on his plate. Rather, he is building her dream home. They would spend their time talking about things they enjoyed – nature, gardens, art so Sam was mentally remembering all the things she loves and implementing her ideas into the ranch.

When Michelle was growing up, her mother was a florist. Her mother has since passed, but being surrounded by flowers & gardens has always reminded her of her mother.

Finally, on October 12th, he tells her that the project he has been working on is finished & he wanted her to see it. So Sam picks Michelle up & they are on their way to the ranch. Obviously, Michelle was shocked by every bit of it but the best part hadn’t even happened yet…

Sam took her out to the rose garden and popped the question. Right there. In the middle of their new home. (Are you serious?! It’s like a Nicholas Sparks movie!)

So where is the wedding you ask?? At the XO Ranch, of course! Can’t wait to share the details of their special day with you so soon!

Engagement Photos by the ever-so-fabulous Norina-Kaye Photography