Engaged: Morgan & Craig

Almost 10 years have passed since my college sorority days. I don’t know about anyone else, but the second I see one of my girls, it just brings me right back to all of the college memories we shared! And that’s exactly what happened when I jumped on a consultation call with my sorority sister turned client, Morgan!

When Morgan and I were catching up over the phone, we spent well over an hour talking about everything the last few years has brought us – booming careers, growing friendships & most importantly… love. Craig & Morgan’s love story is one for the books! And I got to hear the details of the latest chapter in their book…. how Craig proposed! It’s just too cute not to share, so here is how it all went down from the bride-to-be’s perspective:


Every summer since we’ve been dating, we make the 4-hour flight and 3-hour drive to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Craig’s family welcomed me with open arms the first Summer of 2015, and it’s become annual tradition to celebrate the birth of America on the Carolina Coast with the Coxes!

Now, 10 days of group hangs is fun, but we would be lying if we said we didn’t appreciate the one night of the trip we spend just the two of us — on a sunset sailboat ride in the Beaufort waterfront. Endless wine poured while enjoying the sunset over the horizon on an intimate catamaran cruise…can it get more perfect? Well…add a beautiful diamond ring and the love of your life getting down on one knee, and YES…it CAN get more perfect.

July 2nd, 2018. First day of summer vacation. Craig’s parents had just recently bought a Carolina Skiff, and Craig could not have been more in his element than he was driving the boat that day. Off in the distance, I notice the catamaran doing a day trip and pointed it out to Craig (in hopes that he’d want to continue the annual date night tradition, despite the fact that we have the pleasure of our own boat now). Little did I know, Craig’s 10 steps ahead.

I proceed to make a reservation with the family-owned business, feeling empowered when the response is that the last 2 available spots for the evening were ours. Fast-forward to 6:45pm, 15-minutes before departure. Perfect parking spot. Perfect weather. All of the elements lining up for a perfect evening.

As we check-in, there are 8 other individuals waiting to get on the cruise as well. This is standard, so nothing stood out as out of the ordinary. We boarded, wine was poured, and off we go. About 30-minutes into the trip, the captain of the boat offers to take photos behind the wheel. Some of the others insist first, and we follow. While I make my way back to the front of the boat acknowledging the photos, Craig nervously follows behind. He now has a box in his pocket that he didn’t have before, and was about to ask the question we’d both been waiting years for him to ask.

Craig, again 10 steps ahead, points out the details of the moment so it’s never forgotten. The song that was playing? “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. The words that he shared? That’s for me to keep and cherish, but trust me they were perfect. And most importantly…I SAID YES!

Now, those 8 other people on the boat? A professional photographer (shout out @caitlinbarnesphotography) and her family as the Academy Award-winning extras. Craig thought about everything, let me tell you, and it truly could not have been a more perfect evening.

I get to marry my best friend, and I couldn’t be happier.


Thank you for capturing these gorgeous images for Morgan & Craig to keep forever Caitlin Barnes Photography! Cheers to the happy couple!