Engaged: Taylor + Joseph

These two lovebirds can thank their mutual friends (& Outback Steakhouse) for allowing their stars to align. It was a weeknight & according to Taylor, it is a “once in a quarter” occasion for her to go out midweek. Her friends invited her for a casual Blue Moon & Bloomin’ Onion. When she walked in she recognized everyone at the table except for one, Joseph. As the night went on, Taylor found Joseph to be funny while Joseph thought Taylor was cool to be able to hang with the guys.

The next few weeks led to Taylor & Joseph seeing each other more and more. They bonded over shared admiration for the artistry & brilliance of Kanye West along with the hilarity of Bravo’s reality television.


After creating a home, raising cats & growing as close as two people could, there remained only one obvious next step in Taylor & Joseph’s relationship – a proposal!

It was Christmas Eve & Joseph told Taylor she can open only one present that evening. Taylor has an insatiable appetite for presents & surprises, so she couldn’t resist! Joseph told her to wait upstairs so he can make sure her “present” was ready. After lighting tons of candles to set the tone (thumb blisters included!), he told Taylor to come downstairs.

When Taylor made her way down the staircase, he tried to salvage from his memory what he wanted to say, got down on one knee, & Taylor said yes!


Taylor & Joseph will be sharing their vows at Red Rock Country Club this Fall!

Thank you J. Anne Photography for the most gorgeous engagement photos at Gilcrease Orchard.