Introducing Ashley Creative’s 2019 Fall Interns!

Two additional team mates have joined the Ashley Creative team for the fall wedding season! Here is a little bit about these girls:

Meet Chelsea! Chelsea was born & raised here in Las Vegas, NV! She attended college at the University of California, Santa Barbara (jealous!!!) In her spare time, she loves to take dance, aerial silks or tumbling classes as well as teach dance. D

During her internship, she is hoping to learn all the ins and outs of putting together a wedding and gain insight into what it takes to plan the whole thing. She is soooo excited to have the opportunity to be involved in the process and see how ideas come to life for the actual day!
Meet Michelle! Michelle is a true Las Vegas native and she dare not move anywhere else out of fear that there are no 24-hour Taco Bells or awesome cocktail bars she could easily get to! She attended UNLV graduating with a BSN in Nursing and has been a NICU nurse ever since! She loves the babies she gets to take care of, but ever since her own wedding last year, she has grown a new love for event planning & design. as well as photography!
In her spare time, she likes anything that involves wine or a strong gin cocktail! She also loves to enjoy a nice dinner with her husband or learning to cook at home and creating dinner parties for friends and loved ones. If you don’t find her at Costco or a bougie restaurant, you’ll find her at home…in her PJ’s with her two babies (cats: Miso and Tofu), and her XL grumpy cat, Alex, her husband. Yes, she’s a total cat mama!
During her internship, she would love to learn the whole wedding business from start to finish! At the very least, she hopes she can at least master making the baddest dinner table setting ever!