Engaged: Alexa & Tyler

Lucky for me, I have the chance to plan & design the dream wedding for my dear friends Alexa & Tyler!

Here is a little bit about how Tyler & Alexa met:

Tyler and Alexa met in the Management Associate Program (MAP program) through MGM Resorts in the summer of 2013. During the first couple of weeks the MAP students would go out to happy hours, shows, and nightclubs, and Tyler and Alexa would talk. More flirting was done on Alexa’s part! On the night of June 28th, Tyler’s birthday, while out at a nightclub, a fellow student “dared” (both needed the push) for Alexa to kiss Tyler. So middle school, they know!! The rest is history. 

After the MAP program, Alexa got a job as a Hotel Operations Manager working graveyard (11pm – 8am) and Tyler got a job as a Casino Marketing Manager working the standard 9am to 5pm. Over 1.5 years, they made this schedule work between the two of them, only seeing each other a few times a week for a couple hours at a time. And they survived!



They eventually moved in together and got a puppy, Nash, who is the light of their lives! Fast forward a couple years, different jobs and promotions later, they became major adults by purchasing a home together (tied together for at least 30 years now).

Okay, now let’s finally talk about the proposal!! Alexa is a hard girl to surprise, so Tyler had to be very secretive when it came time to propose. He designed her ring and planned the proposal for a couple months without telling any friends or family. If you know Tyler then you know he does not like to be the center of attention, which is why he decided to propose in the privacy of their brand-new home together. Alexa, however, had thought he was going to propose potentially on her family vacation in Newport Beach, California and bought a whole new wardrobe. Little did she know, on a random Thursday night prior to the vacation, she would come home from work to the best surprise of her life. Let’s also point out Alexa got her nails done on the dot every two weeks for 1 year just in case, as she had an inkling he might be thinking about it. This two-week plan didn’t line up with her family vacation, so she had waited to get her nails done. Tyler of course couldn’t give any hints to what was about to happen. Her nails were terrible, but the proposal was even better than she could have ever dreamed. Following the proposal, Tyler mentioned their parents wanted to celebrate by taking them out to dinner. Now if you know Alexa, then you know she is a crier and there were tears. LOTS OF THEM!!! They drove over to her parent’s house and SURPRISE again, Alexa’s best friends from college and all their family was there to celebrate! It was the best night of their lives and they cannot wait to continue the celebration with everyone in October.





Thank you, Haley Ringo Photography for the gorgeous engagement photos!

We can’t wait to get these two married in the fall!