Engaged: Morgan & Chase

Morgan & Chase’s engagement session was certainly worth the early morning wake up. Jodi of J.Anne Photography encouraged the couple to go out to the Dry Lake Bed for a sunrise photo session, and boy…was it worth it! The soft glow of the sun and the neutral planes of the dry lake was the perfect backdrop for this sweet couple. 



Morgan had come home with her friend, Shaye, to explore Vegas for the first time before she moved to Nebraska to start her PhD program. Shaye had planned a relaxing pool day and invited her good friend, Chase, over to sip on margaritas. There was an instant connection, and Morgan knew there was something special about him. She convinced Shaye that they needed to hang out with Chase more, so Shaye invited him to dinner the next night. After dinner Morgan confessed to Shaye that she had some weird gut feelings about Chase but she acted like she wasn’t sure if the gut feeling was good or bad. Ultimately, Shaye knew the gut feeling was good and invited Chase to their last dinner before Shaye and Morgan drove home to Fort Worth. It was there that Chase asked Morgan for her snapchat username.


On Christmas Chase’s Mom, Laurel, “gave” a joint gift of skydiving scheduled for December 27th at 12:00. Chase acted shocked, but little did Morgan know Chase had coerced his mom into acting like she had bought the skydiving gift for them. However, Chase had purchased the skydiving appointments. Morgan was immediately scared but decided that there was no way she could tell Laurel no. On the 27th Chase and Morgan went to Jean airport and prepared to skydive. As it got closer Chase got more antsy and nervous but played it off as nerves about skydiving, even though he had done it before! Morgan was surprisingly chill. Eventually Chase and Morgan got into the plane and Chase jumped out first so that he could get to the bottom in ample time to get the ring out and get ready to propose. Morgan landed, still having no idea what was happening, and walked over to Chase. Chase got down on one knee and asked her to do adventures with him for the rest of their lives. She said yes and Chase then pointed to the sketchy white bus parked on the landing site. All of Morgan and Chase’s family ran out from behind the bus to give them hugs and congratulations. All in all, it was the best day of their lives.


Engagement Photos: J.Anne Photography